Welcome to IMJ Coaching

Teresa and I want to welcome you to IMJ Coaching. Teresa and I are not only coaches but are elite age-group athletes in our own right. If you have read my bio you already know that I have titles as a military champion both in ITU draft legal Olympic distance and Ironman distance in Kona.

Teresa is an age group World Champion at both the Olympic distance and the Ironman distance. We both can fully appreciate your motivation to be the best multisport athlete you can be. We also recognize that as an age group athlete, you also have responsibilities outside the sport, and we are hugely sensitive to the other life issues that compete for your time and can make training for multisport events challenging. Multisport has been a huge positive factor in all areas of our lives, and we aspire to make it so in yours as well.

We hope you enjoy your time on our website. If you are looking for something and you cannot find it, please contact us and we will do our best to provide that information for you. Train with joy or not at all!® –Jonser and T.

Mission Statement

Provide world-class coaching to age group and pro athletes and also support that athlete in balancing his or her elite level of training on top of life’s other responsibilities in a friendly, family training environment.

IMJ Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching strategy for students is simple: to get you as strong as a fence post through sport-specific strength training, get you where you need to be on the swim, strong and efficient on the bike, and bulletproof on the run through consistent, purposeful, steady training. If you are motivated to train hard, train smart, and exact the most from yourself, then together, you and I will take you to the next level in your training and racing.

It does not matter if you are training for your first Ironman, your first sprint distance or are a veteran, if you are committed, my practical approach to endurance training will help you meet and exceed your multisport goals.

I only have one coaching option: You and me, full-time coaching.

Our coaching philosophy is built around consistency and balance. If we lose one or the other, the plan is faulty, and we won’t succeed. We figure out your desires in the sport; I ask you the right questions, you give me honest answers, and we come up with an optimal plan. That plan has to align not only with your goals in the sport, but it has to be balanced with all your life commitments as well. The objective is for us to get you in the best shape of your life to then reach your full potential as an athlete. That process can’t pull the rest of your life out of balance.

When we coach an athlete, it‘s personal. We limit the number of athletes we train because each one matters to me. We don’t limit emails or phone calls. We don’t screen our calls. If you call me and I can take the call, I pick up the phone. If I can’t take the call, I call you back as soon as I can, but always within 24 hours. All emails get answered before I go to sleep at night. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I’ll admit it, go find out the answer, and call you back.

If this is what you are interested in from a coach, then give us a shout or drop us an email.